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Travels to exciting destinations with Ganeve, chasing a season, an idea, a festival, some seasonal delicacy – a mango or chutney – or simply “gadding about”! She is the owner of Nexxtop India Tours and a partner in Himalayan River Runners and Himalayan Hideaway. She has about 20 years of experience in the travel industry but is a wanderer at heart who loves to explore with an open mind.

These travels are very broadly structured and don’t follow an itinerary other than a beginning and an end date which can be extended.

These are the places Ganeve wants to explore over the next 12 months or so and you are welcome to join her:

Diwali at the Golden Temple in Amritsar : 18th – 20th November 2017

Amritsar is well known for the Golden temple and as one of the important pilgrimages for the Sikh community. To participate in Diwali celebration from the Golden Temple should be quite spectacular. We will also visit the Wagah Border and take a pedi rickshaw ride through the local markets and sample some delicious local food.

Group size : 10-12 persons