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Nexxtop India Tours is owned and operated by Ganeve Rajkotia – who has 25 years experience managing discerning customers on all types of adventures in India.
We are totally committed to making sure all visitors to India leave with positive memories and an enriched understanding having had a journey that restores and rejuvenates the body, mind and the senses.

Ganeve Rajkotia writes:

Travelling has been a passion ever since I can remember. My family and friends joke about the “wheels” under my feet. No journey feels mundane. The people that I encounter along the way, the conversations that I strike up all have the ingredient to add to my excitement.

My short lived film making career added to my thirst for travel. It also gave me the opportunity to travel to places and meet people that I may not have chanced upon otherwise.

During these years I started advising friends and family on itineraries in order that I can share my passion and experiences. In the past few years I have arranged itineraries for groups ranging from 6 to 60 travellers from the USA and Europe..

Travel is about the inner and the outer landscapes. Every journey has the potential to teach one about oneself; likes and dislikes, changing preconceived perspectives, and increasing ones awareness of our potential and limitations for adventure. At Nexxtop, I love to plan itineraries that encompass more than just the travel. Jounrneys that engage artists, dancers, craftsmen, weavers, farmers, politicians and civil servants. In short delivering an experience beyond travel to immersion in the culture and lifestyle of our diverse country that is India.

The construction of a group itinerary can encompass as much as the travellers have the appetite to absorb. Typically, dinners where one can meet interesting characters and cultural evenings are popular inclusions. These are private, intimate insights into the fabric of India. Along the way, one can experience diverse activities from yoga and meditation, to long walks and challenging treks. India offers plenty of opportunity to ascend the Himalayas or descend the Ganges, activities that I have been fortunate to have experienced many times over the years.

My goal is to bring all of my personal experience to Nexxtop India when I design an itinerary for you, as an individual, or group of travellers. I enjoy the time I spend in the initial stages of designing your itinerary to the aftermath of your trip when we meet over a meal to discuss your experiences and we can share and compare notes. This is what Nexxtop India means to me. Every stop along the journey is a stop to discover more about myself in relation to my surroundings.


After many tries to find a good travel agent, here in California, for our trip to India, I was honestly at my wits end, until I was referred to Ganeve Rajkotia who operates her business out of Delhi…….To say she runs a first class travel business, is hardly touching the surface. We could not have been more impressed and delighted with how she designed and instigated our trip. She has a stellar staff who works with her closely …..
I highly, HIGHLY recommend Ganeve and her staff, there is no question that she can design a fantastic, and memorable trip to India!

Linda Lesem, USA